Satisfied Clients

The Innerexpansion touches on the 4 spiritual gifts which helps me to become more aware of my weaknesses and strength and also it will help me to become more balance in my life. Thank you. 

P. Rajan, Singapore 

"I went to a Quantum Touch session with Angeline because of some problems with my legs and stomach.

My experience during the session was very nice, like something I had never experienced before. I could literaly feel how Angeline's hands were melting in my body and I could see some of my chakra colors too.

After the session I have a better feeling in my legs and as well I feel more energyzed. I am looking forward for the next session.

Thank you Angeline!"  Alma, Mexico

I have always know that there's a universal energy flowing all around us, but being the tactile type that i am, i didn't totally believe. Then I met Angel, and she changed my perspective. She proved to me that the pendant had energy, with the Coca Cola experiment. I've been keeping the pendant close by me ever since. Thanks Angel, for bringing this special and very powerful energy into my life.  Todd, Canada

I have a heart condition and eversince I used the quantum pendant I have not gone back to hospital for medication. I also took up the quantum touch workshop and it is the most useful and practical workshop I've ever taken. I could feel my energy right away on the first day of the workshop.  Sal, Manhattan, NYC

I hurt my ankle while ice skating. It got worst when I played tennis the next day. I could not run and I was limping in pain.  I placed my  quantum pendant on my ankle and run quantum energy. I did not think about it until the next day I realised the pain was gone.  Angel New York.

I would take another quantum touch workshop with Angeline. She is very knowledgable and conveys information well. Carlton Walthrust, New York.

Angeline is a great instructor and knowledgable too. Sal Campo, New York. 

I developed conjunctivitis at a conference in Massachusetts. Fortunately Angeline applied quantum touch to my left eye and instead of requiring an antibiotic; I was able to continue through the conference with no pain in my eye. In the past, it has taken 2 weeks and an antibiotic to recover. Jayne Gordon, Chicago

Quantum Touch had given me such a positive energy boost in such a short time that I haven't had a headache since. Thank you so much, Keith , Canada

I hurt my right ear while playing with my cousin. It was so painful that I felt my ear was blocked. Fearful that I could go deaf. But when Angeline placed her hand on my painful ear, I felt an energy flowing at my finger tips and my ear was getting warmer.
After she runned the energy for less than 30min, the pain in my ear was gone.
The other day, when my friend in school hurt herself, I asked her to do the simple techniques used in quantum touch. Chun Han, Primary 5

 "I had a very swollen mouth after my four wisdom teeth was extracted.
I could not eat, talk or sleep well. After one quantum touch session with Angeline
During the session, I could feel the warm from her hands and later I could feel energy flowing through my hands and legs. It was an amazing experience and after the session the pain was gone, the swell had subsided and I could talk better.
I’m very eager to know more about quantum touch in her coming workshop." Wendy, Singapore

I am suffering from server Eczema for 38 years. I had rashes and dry skin from face to toes especially the elbows, legs and neck area. I usually feel hot and itchy especially on Sunny days. I had been applying moisturizer and antibiotic cream on crack skin areas which was cause by extreme dryness. On top of it I also take orally spirulina everyday to help my body to heal faster. However, my Eczema condition flares up on and off. Nevertheless, I had been trying various creams, heath products, Chinese medicine even cactus juice, all these makes my condition get even itchier and drier. As years goes by I get more and more desperate in healing myself. I dare not go out of the house often.

Lucky me, I met Angeline who introduce Quantum Touch in a friendship gathering. A few weeks passed after our gathering, I had the first Quantum Touch treatment. She runs energy on my neck area, elbows and knees. In the beginning, I feel warmth and comfortable in these areas. Gradually, I feel needle-like in the left elbow and left knee areas. After the session, I felt more relax and comfortable. That night I slept without much scratching. The next morning, I felt more energetic than I used to be. Angeline taught me some breathing technique to relax myself and I practice that every day. About two or three days later, my skin becomes unbearable itchy due to dryness of skin. I place my hands on my knee where there is a wound and is extremely itchy. Lying in bed, I closed my eyes and I tried to imagine white light flow from my body to my hands and to my wound. It is difficult to concentrate in the beginning but it gets easier as time pass. Then as I was about to doze off, in my vision, my wound gets bigger and bigger, then it grows smaller and smaller and a small white particle flew out of the wound. After this instant, my itch on the knee stops. I slept soundly throughout that night without waking up to scratch my legs. The next day I told Angeline about what I experience last night.

Angeline helps me to run energy on me again about a week later. This time I feel heat and needles in my body when she does the QT on the neck, elbow and knee. A few days later, I can see more skin peeling on my neck, elbow and knee. Right now, I shed less skin on theses areas though still feel dry but not as itchy as before. I am overjoyed at the amazing results in such a short time (about 3 -4 weeks). I have never felt anything better before. I want to take this opportunity to thank Angeline for introducing this technique to me. I can’t wait to attend her workshop to learn more about Quantum Touch. I shall recommend this healing skill to my friends who needed help on their health problems.

Thank you Angeline. May you be blessed with good fortune.